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DeKalb County Clerk’s Office Mailing Voter Registration Cards to All DeKalb County Registered Voters

The Office of DeKalb County Clerk & Recorder Tasha Sims will mail voter registration cards to more than 62,000 DeKalb County registered voters next week. Voter Registration Cards include the voter’s voting districts, voter ID number, and the name and location of their Election Day polling place.

Although the County Board and the Clerk’s Office worked to minimize changes due to recent election precinct boundary realignments, many voters can expect some changes to their precincts and some changes in Election Day polling places.  

Illinois state law requires that all election authorities, including the Clerk’s Office, complete a verification of voter registration records. This process is necessary to maintain the voter registration database by keeping records current and eliminating voters who have passed away or moved away from DeKalb County.

If a voter registration card is delivered to an individual who no longer lives at the address where the card was delivered or who is deceased, residents are encouraged to write “NO LONGER LIVES AT THIS ADDRESS,” “RETURN TO SENDER (RTS)”, or “DECEASED” on the card and return it to the DeKalb County Clerk’s Office. If a forwarding address is known for the individual who has moved, please include the new address on the card. No additional postage is necessary and the cards can be placed in the mail. In order to maintain accurate voter registration records, it is important that these cards not be destroyed or given to someone other than the individual whose name is listed on the card.

Sims said, “I strongly encourage voters to look at their voter registration cards and verify that the information is correct. You should sign the new card and destroy any old registration cards. I am also requesting assistance from the public in this important process to help identify voters who have moved or are deceased. We take election security very seriously and maintaining clean and accurate voter records is an important part of ensuring the integrity of our elections.”

Voters whose registration cards are returned to the Clerk’s Office or who have not voted in two consecutive federal elections will have their status changed to “inactive.” However, a voter can return to “active” voter status by updating voter information, usually by providing a current address or by responding to requests for voter registration information sent by the Clerk’s Office.

Sims added, “This process is intended to verify voter registration information for all voters and to comply with state and federal law. The next election will be the General Primary on March 19, 2024. We want to ensure you have an easy and positive experience voting, whether you Vote-By-Mail, Early Vote, or vote on Election Day. If you have moved since you last voted, I encourage you to update your address with our office.”

DeKalb County residents can register to vote or update their name/address in several different ways, including in-person at the County Clerk’s Office, by mail, or online. Detailed information about registering to vote is available at https://dekalbcountyclerkil.gov/registration/.

The DeKalb County Clerk’s Office continues to strive to conduct all elections transparently and with the highest integrity. Clerk Sims and staff are continuing to develop ways to keep voters informed and increase involvement in our local election process. If you ever have any questions or have suggestions on how to increase voter registration and early voting, and/or improve technology, we welcome you to contact our office at (815) 895-7147 or elections@dekalbcounty.org.