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State law requires that Judges of Election do not count any write-in votes for anyone, unless the Judges have been notified by the County Clerk that the Declaration of Intent to be a Write-In Candidate has been filed in their office.

To file as a Write-In candidate, please download the following form and file with the DeKalb County Elections office before the deadline.  It is a pdf fillable form, so you can fill it out online and print out.  An original Declaration of Intent must be filed with each election authority not later than 61 days before the election.

Declaration to be a Write-In Candidate form

FAQs for Write-In Procedures

A write-in vote is considered valid if:

  1.  The name, written in by the voter, is on the list of Write-In Candidates that the Election Judges receive from our office.
  2.  AND  the oval next to the name has been filled in by the voter.

No. Under Illinois law, any sticker, modification, or other alteration to the ballot nullifies the entire ballot and that voter’s choice is not counted for any contests they may have voted in on their ballot.

On Election Night, only the Election Day results, which include Early, Vote by Mail (that have been received by Election Day) and Grace Period votes, will be available.  Write-In Candidate results will not be available.

It may be as long as two weeks before Write-In winners can be declared, as all pre-election day ballots as well as late arriving Vote By Mail ballots and Provisional ballots must be tabulated by hand.

Per Illinois State Statute 10 ILCS 5/22-7: No person who is shown by the canvassing board’s proclamation to have been elected at the Consolidated Election or General Election as a write-in candidate, shall take office unless that person has first filed with the certifying office or board, a statement of candidacy and a receipt for filing a statement of economic interests.

Per Illinois State Statute 10ILCS 5/7-60: A winning write-in candidate who receives the required number of votes at a primary election must file the necessary paperwork within 10 days of the canvass. The forms must be filed with the certifying officer or board.